VHU Europe and ReelWorld Europe

Back in September 2006, ReelWorld founded ReelWorld Europe in their plan for world domination. Located in The Netherlands, VHU Europe runs this division of ReelWorld – headed by Gerard Beck. VHU Europe produces several packages for stations in Holland, but also in Belgium (Radio Contact and Studio Brussel) and even in Russia (Relax FM). Most of the time these are custom made, but they also produce re-sings as well. For local, regional and national radio stations.

Listen to this demo of their custom projects, which also contains cuts resung for Radio Contact (regional), WOS radio (local), V Radio (Veronica internet), Arrow Jazz FM (national) and a custom for 3FM that went on the air on February 1st this year.

As part of their parternship with ReelWorld, ReelWorld Europe produced packages for Antenne Wien (Austria), TMF radio (Holland), Charivari (Germany) and many more in the last few months. Here’s a ReelWorld Europe demo.

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