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A great way to start a year for Cue Creative. The last few months the studio’s were filled with jingles, jingles and.. production elements. Some highlights; A very extensive package for Radio FG in Istanbul, over 40 cuts in several versions and voiced by some England’s finest voice-talents (Toni Phillips and Dan Harper). Also the production of a few exclusive custom packages, for example for UnityFM and FreshFM in The Netherlands including traditional strings, horns and the best singers. In production now are packages for Radio Record in Saint Petersburg Russia (powerful cuts for CHR) and for Iskelma SBS Radio Finland (based on proven theme’s from pevious works).

If you are into producing jingles and imaging, check out the new library of Cue Creative: F*Cue. 99 tracks on one cd filled with effects, beds and drones. The best you can get in the market and already on the air in Holland at leading stations such as Radio 538, FunX, 3FM, Q-Music and in the UK in use by Steve Pigott from Pure Tonic and Kiss100. Listen to the demo, but do not be shocked by it. It’s just a demo track!!

Cue Creative have also attached a preview of their new logo for visitors to JingleNews to see… a world exclusive you could say! The new logo comes into effect on May 1st, after they make a big announcement regarding the expansion of the company.

What a great way to start a new year for Cue Creative! and

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