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Terms and Conditions:

Each weekday during the month of May 2007, will list details of special sales promotions (‘THE PROMOTION’) relating to jingle packages featured within the REELWORLD product catalog.

The jingle packages featured shall consist of all cuts, mixes and edits thereof, referenced by the track listing at and/or the most recent REELWORLD demo CD.

All enquiries and subsequent sales agreements will be subject to standard REELWORLD contractual terms and conditions. REELWORLD reserves the right to withdraw or restrict access to THE PROMOTION at any time, for any reason.

THE PROMOTION may not be available in all markets or countries. Market areas are definied by the appropriate broadcast licensing authorities in each applicable country (for example: Arbitron in the United States, Ofcom in the United Kingdom).

Enquires received by REELWORLD which relate to THE PROMOTION may be routed via regional REELWORLD representatives. Regional REELWORLD representatives may withdraw or restrict access to THE PROMOTION at any time, for any reason.

In order to secure THE PROMOTION, REELWORLD must receive completed contract and paperwork via fax or email no later 5.00 pm (PST) on the day to which THE PROMOTION relates.

THE PROMOTION cannot be used in conjunction with any other REELWORLD promotional offer.

‘Free’ package promotions offered will be subject to standard license renewal fees, based on market-specific pricing for full package purchases. Not all deals offered by THE PROMOTION are available via barter. REELWORLD reserves the right to accept or refuse barter as payment for any jingle package offered during THE PROMOTION. All barter contracts facilitated by Premiere Radio Networks and are subject to Premiere Radio Network terms and conditions.

Discounts offered during THE PROMOTION will be based on standard REELWORLD market and/or country-specific cash pricing policies and will be applied to FULL package purchases only.

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