Fun Radio for IQBeats

IQBeat’s have released their first custom for a French station. Consisting of 10 fun themes, Fun Radio are airing the hottest and funnest tracks CHR has to offer. Ordered through IQBeat’s partner in Europe, Music and Images. Music and Images have a long running history of providing Fun Radio with jingles, more recently from their old partner ReelWorld. This is the first of many new packages to come for European stations through the partnership of both companies.

Our amigos in France have now got themselves something funkier than their cheese: The most FUN package to hit the airwaves on either side of the Atlantic. Consisting of 10 themes built on the universally appealing lyric of FUN, this hot CHR package gets the job done with the highest of energy and incredibly wild vocal production. Are you ready to make your station FUN again?

Check the package out at, along with their Wolf resings for San Francisco’s KBWF (95.7 The Wolf) and Wisconsin’s WPKR (99.5 The Wolf), Megaswara’s original Fox FM resings and KQFC’s (The Big 98) KSON resings along with some new XFactor Country cuts.

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  1. September 16, 2011

    […] custom package for a French client. Since 2007 Fun Radio in France have commissioned 3 packages (Fun Radio 1, Fun Radio 2, Fun Radio 3) from […]

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