AC D-TOX from Zone

ZONE announces the release of ‘AC D-TOX: The KEZK Intervention’, a cool new package of vocal imaging for AC formats. Produced for Mark Edwards of CBS Radio’s KEZK-FM in St. Louis, ‘AC D-TOX’ was just what the doctor ordered. Mark checked himself into the Zone Clinic, emerging six weeks later with a clean bill of health and 14 new jingles. Visit our AC/SJ web page and hear how ‘AC D-TOX’ can wash away the vintage jingle demons of your past.

Commissioned by and produced for Mark Edwards of KEZK-FM in St. Louis, AC D-TOX is serious intervention for sleepy old-style AC jingles. AC D-TOX is 14 primary cuts with all the trimmings, shotguns and mixouts provided; 3-voice vocal group is standard; holiday vocal versions available upon request.

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