Virgin Radio Frances gets some IQ

IQ Beats have just released a brand new custom package for Virgin Radio – France. This is their second custom package for a French client. Since 2007 Fun Radio in France have commissioned 3 packages (Fun Radio 1, Fun Radio 2, Fun Radio 3) from IQ.

Virgin Radio – France comes with 12 dance and electro inspired cuts in ramp, slogan and shotgun mixes.

Here’s the official blurb from the IQ Blog.

Zut alors! It’s fall now and we’ve not blogged anything in months. Pas de soucis as we’re back to announce a new custom package for Virgin Radio – France.

You may know we have a bunch of amigos over in France with some of our previous work for Virgin’s hombres at Fun Radio (Package 1, Package 2, Package 3). If you didn’t know, now you know.

We could wax poetic all day about the fine Côtes du Rhône wines we washed down our Crottin, Tome, jambon and frites with during this project, but why? That would just make haters hate (more).

We did have a blast making this package of 12 Dance and Electro inspired cuts that come in tidy little ramps alongside stagers and shotguns. In the end this package is simple, in your face and sounds good… Even though it is in French. ZING!

J’ai toujours vu que pour réussir dans le monde, il fallait avoir l’air fou être sage!

Domenico Torti – Italian man in a French land

Our French is busted, but we think this may be our greatest endorsement ever. For reals.

While we’re still basking in the Provençal glow of our Vence chateau and are too preoccupied to bother with putting the package on the main site or making a demo, check out a montage of the 12 cuts below in the meantime. C’est la vie!

Virgin Radio – France 2011 from IQ Beats

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