Brandy – Globe Package

If Radio 1 were a fine glass of champagne the imaging be like the bubbles in the glass.”

That’s how Radio 1 Station Manager Diane Waumans poetically described the brief for the new station sound package.

Brandy won the international pitch with a creative concept that brought not only a new sound to the listener, but also a massive amount of functional tools for the hosts and DJs.

The challenge was to create a classy and confident sound without the drama often associated with news imaging.

Brandy answered the call with Globe – a huge audio branding package featuring a recognizable sonic logo, 3 top of hours, 12 musical themes, morning and drive time beds and a full kit for news, weather and traffic.

Imaging producer Luc Janssen:

“It’s more than a challenge to unite the unique mix of news, information, sports, culture, and music that is Radio. The new Brandy package has exactly what it takes to bring all those element together with a credible, open and coherent feel. Especially the news imaging stands out. The open logos bring space and sparkle to the station and inspire the whole on-air team. Well done Brandy!”

To get an over of the package, go to

About Radio 1

Radio 1 is the Belgian public broadcaster’s information oriented radio channel. The core of its programming is the news show in the morning and evening drive time. The station broadcasts an eclectic mix of current affairs, cultural news and a broad musical palette.


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