May 2007 Podcast

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May 2007 sees a packed podcast – so packed that we had to cut some news items out. This month Jones TM have sent us a new phone number jingle they did for the breakfast show on London’s Heart, their latest resings for WCR-FM and Fresh FM along with a montage of Q103 Viking FM resing and a special mix of a TOH for WJYE. JAM have sent us some resings they’ve done lately for Energy FM and BBC Three Counties Radio. We talk about the new Music 4 site and their new package for 2FM in Ireland. S2Blue get a look in too and we have their latest jingles for BBC Gurnsey and BBC Radio and there’s a lot more included too – download it now!

This month’s off-air imaging bit is from Compass FM in the UK and the Montage of the Month is of WSM-FM’s JAM jingles.

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  1. Geoff Barton says:

    Fantastic podcast this month, guys – packed with news and really well presented and produced. Great to hear JAM on there too. Well done! Thanks for all the me you put into it.


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