Top News – Spring 2007

Spring is in the air! The Top Format garden is full of happy colours, tulips, hyacinths, producers and clients. After a period of hibernation and hard work in the last couple of months, it is about time for them to open their doors and reveal all the new jingles they have created.

Omrop Fryslân (NL)
Format: Adult Contemporary

Omrop Fryslan is the regional public station in the northern part of the Netherlands. Omrop Fryslan aired on the first day of January with its new jingle package. In order to upgrade and refresh the well-known and respected brand of Omrop Fryslan, we worked on a massive new production.

The Omrop Fryslan 2007 project comprises:
– A general station package with Top Of The Hours and multiple endings that glide into the openings of the news-, magazine-, sports-, classical- and music shows.
– A news and service package that contains music beds and jingles for news, traffic, weather and other information-related identification.
– A music theme package that contains dynamic and full-length music tracks built around the moods of all programmes and the music formats.
– A classical package with big orchestral tracks for the specialty programs.
– A special post-production package that contains hooks with recognizable live instruments that can be easily used to combine with announcements of the station voice.

Listen to:
» Omrop Fryslan 2007 General Station IDs
» Omrop Fryslan 2007 News and Service package
» Omrop Fryslan 2007 Music Theme package
» Omrop Fryslan 2007 Classical package

Format: CHR

Host Michiel Veenstra, heard daily on national public radio station 3FM in the Netherlands, is known for his surprising antics on the air. Michiel held a discussion on air to discuss the climate and how the changes are becoming visible on the North Pole, which led to the idea of making his daily show there. This mission impossible quickly become a reality. Not only was the first radio show to be broadcast from the cold North Pole a great success, but listeners were also treated to the first specially produced jingle package to be heard from the top of the world! We are very proud of this feat!

Listen to: » Noordpool FM

Format: CHR
Bart Arens formerly hosted the regular night show on national public radio station 3FM in the Netherlands. A couple of weeks ago Bart moved to the daytime slot during the 3FM weekend. Bart’s jingle package moved along with him, but with a new sound that made the two shows as different as night and day! Being a musician himself, Bart already had in mind how he wanted to create his ultimate jingle package. All he needed was some extra crew members to share his ideas and thoughts with. Together with Bart, we created songs to be used on each different day, show jingles and some extras we still need to come up with a good description for.

Listen to: » TROS 3FM The Radio show – General Station IDs

Format: AC

Radio 2 in the Netherlands is the Dutch public station well known for its big radio events like the annual Top 2000. The highly rated station covers a diversity of programs with hourly news and service items, a proven music format with popular contemporary songs from the 60s to now, respected hosts and well-known radio programs.

The new custom package for Radio 2 updates the imaging around the strong audiologo, fits with the music format and service elements and is immediately recognizable. The package contains a new Top of the Hour customized for every program, general station IDs, transitions and themes for news, weather and traffic. The vocal group has a fresh, warm and open sound and the music was performed by a live band, creating the typical Radio 2 sound.

Listen to: » Radio 2 2007

Format: AC

Here in the Netherlands, Dutch artists like Jan Smit, Wolter Kroes and the Band Without a Name are very famous. You can hear their new songs and well-known successes played time after time..if you listen to Holland FM. The regional commercial station introduced the format of Dutch popular songs, news and DJs. The jingle package was produced around the general program of Holland FM and an additional package was composed for the Weekly Chart show.

Hitradio RT1 (DE)
Format: CHR

Hitradio RT1 in Augsburg, Germany, now has a complete new jingle package. A total of 15 jingles embracing pop, rock, urban and dance tracks were made with a refreshing new vocal group. The Hitradio RT1 audio design around the news and service items has also been built up from the cuts that we had previously produced for Kiss FM in Portugal.

Listen to: » Hitradio RT1

Radio Noord (NL)
Format: AC

Radio Noord, the regional public station for the province of Groningen in the Netherlands, has begun airing its new jingle production – a big package with a big vocal group, built around the new WNIC package of our beloved partner JAM creative productions in Dallas, USA. For Radio Noord this guarantees the continuum of the well-known vocal melody of Radio Noord. Confirmation and refreshing: “there is nothing above Groningen”.

Listen to: » Radio Noord 2007

Charivari (DE)
Format: CHR

Private broadcaster Charivari in Germany has also launched its new jingle package. The station with the popular new morning show ‘die Gerald-Kappler-Show’ and feel-good songs from Foreigner, Abba, Rick Astley and Shakira ordered a refreshing update that was produced in March 2007.
Listen to: » Charivari

Rejoice FM (NL)
Format: AC

Rejoice FM is the new kid in town. At Top Format we love new initiatives to develop and build a strong brand together. The format of Rejoice FM focuses on Christian music by pop, rock and urban bands. Following the wishes of Rejoice FM, we scouted a vocal group that has soul and completes the customized syndication IDs of the original package ‘Innovation’.

Listen to: » Rejoice FM based on ‘Innovation’

Radio 5 (NL)
Format: AC

Radio 5 is the new national station in the Netherlands. The station might be new, but a big audience has already found its way to Radio 5. Listeners love to hear songs from the 50s, 60s and 70s and feel at home with the station’s hosts. The branding of Radio 5 has been supported by a radio and television campaign. For Radio 5 we created imaging that matches the programs, music, and the warm, dynamic feeling of the station.

Listen to: » Radio 5

Radio Arabella (DE)
Format: AC

Radio Arabella in Bayern, Germany, replaced its jingles and themes with an impressive new package. The package contains cuts for news and services, Top of the Hours, station IDs and specialty Christmas cuts all built around the ‘Light but not Too’ package and customized with new instrument additions and an adaptation of the Radio Arabella logo melody.

Listen to: » Radio Arabella

Hitradio N1 (DE)
Format: CHR

Hitradio N1, a private regional station in Germany, ordered its new sound for 2007 at Top Format. Hitradio N1’s formula of pop, rock and urban music was accentuated with crispy new jingles.

Listen to: » Hitradio N1

XLnt Radio (EU)
Format: CHR

XLnt Radio is the new cable station that broadcasts to Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. The station offers a big variety of music formats for each music style and target group. XLnt-Comedy, XLnt-Nostalgia, XLnt-Kiddo FM are some of the live streams that are now available on cable.

We created the complete imaging for the XLnt general station identification.

Listen to: » XLnt Radio

Radio 2 Week of the 70s (NL)
Format: AC

Radio 2 in the Netherlands is about to air a theme week for all those who love to relive the 70s. It is expected to be a big success, as many listeners enjoy having a week during which they can listen to the music and about the historical events of their youth every hour. Since creating the new custom package for Radio 2 (see elsewhere in this Top News), we think it’s great fun to produce custom jingles based on the songs of The Eagles, Abba, Bee Gees and Wings!

Listen to: » Radio 2 – Week of the 70s

Upcoming events – Come join us!

Come and meet Top Format at the upcoming events:

23 – 24 May 2007, The AV Manifestation in Studio 22 Hilversum at the TRX Music stand.

So much has been going on that we unfortunately did not have enough time to compile and present all of it to you. And off course there is plenty more in the works. So.. if you don’t mind, we really need to get back to the projects that are currently running in our studios. We’ll let you know when they’re ready. Thanks for your attention. Keep on listening, calling and mailing us!
– The Top Format Crew

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