Essence & Greatest Hits 08 from Jones TM

JonesTM has released two brand new jingle packages. Essence for WBLK Buffalo, New York and Greatest Hits 08 for WOLL (Kool 105.5) West Palm Beach, Florida.

WBLK in Buffalo, New York, wanted a cool and contemporary package to help them go from Luther to Jay Z and Alicia Keys to Snoop Dog… so JonesTM created a package of transitions, shotguns and specialty cuts. It’s the first package of it’s kind and it sounds excellent!

Essence 2007 Demo| 3:51 – 4.40MB | Download

Greatest Hits 08 was designed and created by JonesTM and the team at WOLL, Kool 105.5 in West Palm Beach, Florida. It’s perfect for stations playing the greatest hits, and JonesTM also anticipate a lot of interest from oldies and AC stations too. Written by Greg Clancy, and produced in TM’s studios in Dallas, the 22-cut package includes ramps, shotguns, lots of transitions, specialty cuts and even some Christmas jingles.

Greatest Hits 08 Demo | 5:15 – 6.01MB | Download

2 Responses

  1. tim walker says:

    Greg was awesome and we love our package! I can’t wait for this one to burn out to see what we can do next! ha!

  2. Do you accept guest blogposts? I just like the taste how you wrote Essence & Greatest Hits 08 from Jones TM –, I am in this topic for ages and I would love to write several articles here if you ever agree.

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