Kissville October 2007 Update

This is what the Kissviller’s got in October… And the bigger and better updates have just gotten better!!

hey hey hey,

well here we are again. firstly… BIG CONGRAULTATIONS to WVAQ Morgonstown for winning the Marconi CHR award – how kool is that! They beat off some massive CHR stations, and we’re proud to have them on board… in fact they were with us from the beginning! Well done to Lacy and the gang!!!

ok then… so the bigger better kissville continues and this is what we sent you this month…

MORNING SHOW 004 >>> An awesome new morning show theme, with bed, 2-punch and drone edits… and we threw a NANO mix in as well. This is our favorite morning show theme so far!

TOP OF HOUR 005 >>> You can never have enough TOH jingles yeah? Here’s one that builds nicely. there’s also short slogan/shotgun edits for those who no longer get a boner at the top of the hour. and if you want to edit it to a particular length, it’s easy, cos there’s also a drum mix and all the instrumental versions. go and have fun!

CONTEST BED 004 >>> This starts with the logo in phone tones and has cool phoney effects thru it – get it on for your big fall contests, or winning weekends, or promos!

PRODBEDS 003 AND 004 >>> Stations are lovin these! 60 second production beds with a sing at both ends, and the instrumental mixes too – use em live on air, or for promos, or in contests, hey, use em wherever you like. But do let us know!!!!

SWEEP-ID 004 AND 005 >>> Two more Sweep IDs… we luv makin these!

next month it’ll be the seasonal bits for your christmas programming… but nothing too sickly!!!


were really excited about this – it’s our newest project, for rhythmic CHR stations! Same concept as kissville, except it comes rapped (or sung if you prefer)… you get 11 bad-ass themes that fit in with Jay-Z, Snoop, Swizz Beatz and so on. It’s on air on Hot 97 New York and K104 Dallas and is spreading across the states, just like Kissville!!!

It’s so awesome – check the demo out!!!

until next month… peace

Kissville October 2007 Update | 2:10 – 4.99MB | Download

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