Audio Production Tips To Achieve Best Sounding Radio Station Imaging

Audio Production Radio Station ImagingNow, more than ever, it has become definitely easy to produce spots or radio station imaging stuff. Before, it took weeks, large amounts of man power and more often than not huge bulks to produce a one minute production. But hey, times have changed indeed and now you can just pay for a monthly subscription and wait for the audio file to come into your email inbox. For those who still believe in the great power of in-house custom audio production, here are good tips for you to achieve the best sound for your station imaging.


We’ve compiled some of the best stuffs we heard and learned about production radio station imaging from such reputable radio station imaging guys at Krash Creative Solutions and Rick Allen Creative Services. First off, an audio production tip about enhancing your voice, I mean your really big, low voice.

A very common mistake when trying to obtain that “voice of God” approach is when you over-boost the bass frequencies. Yes, it may sound doable if you have greater bottom end on the wav form of your voice production track, however, over-doing it will only mess up everything. You can lower the bottom end of your voice audio production track at an acceptable 250 hertz.

In order for your sound effects, whatever they are, lasers, zaps, blips, squeaks, impacts and of course your audio production bed to mix in just well enough without overwhelming the voiceover track, you can set the other frequencies at the right levels. Consider the levels in 500 hertz, below 2k, in the middle of 4 and 5kz and around 10k.

Radio Station Imaging Audio ProductionAnother great audio production tip is actually more on the pre-production. Of course, above all cutting edge audio production techniques, it all still will depend on the quality of the voiceover and that includes delivery. We’ve borrowed this helpful advice from Krash Creative Solutions on how to effectively deliver each word on a single line of a station imaging page.

Keith Hill says “make words sound like what they mean”.

This is all about giving justice to each word that you will be reading. For example, when you read the word “fast” then it should be read the way it should be, quick! If you encounter the word “slow” and the likes, then read it slower as well.

By reading the copy or lines this way, you will be able to effectively convey the message. This is the secret why even the simplest copy for a radio commercial or a five-word line for a station imaging gets really effective.

Whether you do the voice yourself, works closely on a tight-sked audio production or luckily you do both, it really make sense that you pay attention to every single detail of your audio production. Having a big, low, voice-of-God voice isn’t enough. Go ahead and try these helpful tips and best of all have fun. Tune in for more radio station imaging and audio production tips here at

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