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JAM have posted the demo for Fresh 102.7 New York on their site. The FreshNY package has been on air ince January 2 2007 when Mix 102.7 relaunched as Fresh 102.7. The station is under the guidance of consultant Gary Berkowitz and programmed by Rick Martini.


Freash is targeted to a younger (age 25-44) female audience, with claims of a playlist “without the kid stuff or tired, old music like the lite music station”, an obvious shot at competitor WLTW (in response, the station briefly dropped its Lite FM moniker and was referred to on-air as simply “106.7” during that time).

FreshNY, from JAM Creative Productions, is already heard around the US in Chicago, Columbus, Central New York and many more markets. Each of the 21 cuts in the package come with a multitude of mixouts that will keep your station sounding fresh for a long time! It’s much more than a jingle package – it’s an imaging library. With bits and pieces you can use on the air and in production. Check the demo out!

FreshNY from JAM | 10:42 – 9.79MB | Download

6 Responses

  1. Geoff Barton says:

    Great package – JAM on top form

  2. Michel Sibble says:

    Finally. FINALLY! A demo.


  3. Geoff Barton says:

    Worth waiting for too – it’s a great memorable ID package.

  4. Len Groat says:

    A PERFECT package – with light instrumenation but a SOLID sound – and instant memorability. Showing the others how it SHOULD be done ! WELL DONE Jon & team. Len

  5. This is an excellent demo! After I heard the top of hour cut, I couldn’t get it out of my head for days! I hope JAM will do more demos of their latest packages.

  6. Gavan Bruderer says:

    Great Package…

    I like the logo… It is as memorable as the Kiss FM logo…

    Its nice to know that not every station has reverted to Reelworld…

    Jam is classic…

    (Although I think Reelworld is PERFECT for CHR/Pop Radio Imaging!)

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