Is It Difficult To Sing ‘The New’ Pennine FM Jingles

Pennine FM Jingles from LITEHouse Studios

A big thanks and congratulations to Chris Stevens and the creative team at LITEHouse Studios ( for customizing the WLIT logo for ‘the new’ Pennine FM in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England. Now, we all know for a fact, that LITEHouse Studios’ jingle package was dummied only WLIT. But I’d like to commend LITEHouse for doing such a great job in fitting the words “The New Pennine FM” into the WLIT logo.

We’ve all heard countless stations before adding the phrase “THE NEW” onto their station logo, usually when there’s a programming update or when the new station has just launched. Unknown to many, singing jingles for these stations aren’t quite easy. It demands perfection. In fact, singing “Pennine FM” would have been easier than “the new Pennine FM”.

The very challenge here for jingle companies is how to make the words sound clearer especially for a station that has just started operating. But LITEHouse Studios pulled it off. The vocals are tight enough, the words “the new” were clearly sung, but they were sung in a way that they are not overcrowding the logo. In short, the jingle logos are very clean!

The New Pennine FM Jingles from LITEHouse Studios (copyright

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