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Terry Daniel is taking center stage with his business and entrepreneurial endeavors as a voice over talent. Daniel specializes in voice overs for commercials, Internet podcasts, books and various business projects. He has quickly made his way into the top ranks of being one of the most recognized voice talents in the industry, which has led to his association with corporations, businesses and nationally recognized voice over organizations.

A voice over talent is an individual that is able to use speaking as a main way of acting. The voice is then recorded in order to use for commercial purposes or to narrate specific information. According to, this particular industry is continuing to grow, reaching all time record highs of individuals that do voice acting and are needed to accompany every type of audio sound, from radios to commercials. Voice overs are moving into higher demand for traditional mediums, such as television and radio and are also quickly moving into newer areas of exposure, such as podcasts and wireless technology. This sudden burst is allowing individuals to move into the field as a promising career.

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Within this competitive market, Daniel has shown that he can stay in the spotlight and has grown within his voice over business into some of the most pronounced associations within the voice over industry. His capabilities and talents have recently led him into recognition by the nationally based organization of the Society Association of Voice Over Artists (SAVOA). This establishment focuses on building accreditation and education about the voice over industry, and highlights individuals that are able to conduct their business in an ethical manner as well as within a professional light.

Receiving this accreditation is one that is considered to be prestigious and noteworthy on a national level. Voice overs are chosen from among hundreds, and must go through layers of analysis in order to receive this accreditation. This includes abilities such as performing with the correct vocal and technical delivery, as well as recording capabilities. It is not only the recognition from SAVOA that is allowing Daniel to trail blaze into the center of the stage with his voice over business. There are a variety of national corporations that are now turning to Daniel as a dependable voice actor, allowing them to receive the correct tools to build their acclaim as a business. His reputation has so far exceeded expectations of companies, and has led to a variety of commercials for corporations such as Apple Computers, Sprint, United Way, Hallmark, McDonalds, Great Clips and hundreds of others who need the perfect voice. This also includes exclusive work that he has done for the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

Daniel is also creating a way for other individuals who are interested in acting and in voice overs to be a part of his ability to create business opportunities. He is currently offering training and voice over classes to those who are interested in building their own voice over talent and learning about what it takes to be a voice actor. These classes and workshops are a part of Such A Voice, a company based out of Burlington, Vermont. This organization specializes in providing voice overs and knowledge about the industry on a national level to get individuals who want to create a career as a voice over artist to receive professional instruction and advice before jumping on the stage.

The desire to teach others about the voice over industry has also moved Daniel into alternative approaches towards speaking about voice overs. One of the ways in which this is being approached is through a series of podcasts presented by both Daniel and voice talent, Trish Basanyi. The show is called, “Voice Overs on Demand”. In this podcast, the voice over industry and various perspectives of what it takes to run the voice over business are discussed by interviews with leading voice talent professionals. In only three months, the podcast has reached over 500 dedicated subscribers a week who are interested in this career field.

The career of voice overs began with Daniel over 15 years ago, when he began working as a radio host which reviewed movies, known as “The Movie Guys.” He then grew into becoming a professional D.J. for a smooth jazz station, as well as alternative rock station, After this, he moved into working as a marketing executive for Clear Channel and CBS Radio. It was after this career move that Daniel broke free into his own endeavors and began to move into his voice over talent niche.

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