Viking FM’s 2008 Package

Viking FM have dropped their custom Jones TM package in favour Wise Buddah’s Contemporary Cuts package.

Here is a montage of the main cuts.

Viking FM 2008 | 2.29MB – 2:30 | Download

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  1. MartinS says:


  2. MartinS says:

    They sound great on air. A bit of a premature freshen up of Viking FMs station sound. Nice to hear examples of the the ‘new’ Contemporary Cuts cuts in there too. Great that they are also using the strapline cuts on air too, rather then an annoying voiceover before the station name vocal.

  3. Len Groat says:

    Why do ALL the jingles made by this company sound like a Frankie Goes to Hollywood record? Dull, repetitive predictable and BORING ~ the female voice is just Irritating.

  4. Andy H says:

    Sounds great – sorry Len but this is a good pack ! 🙂

  5. Wixy1360 says:

    Is no-one capable of conceiving of “fresh” melodies and logos? There are 8 notes in an octave (and even the black minor keys!)after all.

    Same old “BRMB” logo from 1980-whatever that Real Radio uses now – must confuse listeners to hear the “same” sound on competing stations (just like the TM Phase II and Drake
    Johnny Mann Singers’ logo in the early 1970s USA – different jingle comanies, same musical logos – if there’s no-one left in today’s jingle companies that can remember the lessons that have been learned before then its time for someone to start listening to some archive recordings!)

    Stop re-inventing the wheel! its all been done before.
    Learn the lessons of the past to move forwards into the future.

  6. Mike Brown says:

    I know what both Len & Wixy are saying here regarding this package, but they sound ok next to what Viking play. and surely any jingle is better than noone at all!?

  7. Mike Brown says:

    …obviosly that should have been none rather than noone!

    I’m not drunk, i was just in a rush!

  8. David Davidson says:

    They’re not bad…. But why? Why ditch the JonesTM package? It was less than a year old, and really nothing wrong with it.

    Was it a case of the new PD cocking his leg and marking his territory?

    Surely there must be other priorities. If the jingles are the biggest issue, the station must be in great shape!



  10. ben still says:

    ps: Len Groat is actually “Lennard Groot” the director of “old and dusty” “again-that-shaker” Top Format jingles.

  11. Daniel Blake says:

    These are resings of Dublins 98fm. Very good they have been used for many others stations. Sounds excellent.

  12. Len Groat says:

    Ben Still : ‘Len Groat is actually “Lennard Groot” the director of “old and dusty” “again-that-shaker” Top Format jingles’ W R O N G ! ‘Len Groat’ was the dj name of Leonard Griffin, and HE is not ‘Lennard Groot’

  1. March 21, 2009

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