ReelWorld ONE Brings Back 6-Note Kiss 108 Logo

the old Kiss 108 FM logo

KCMike at, alerted the jingle community of the return of the six-note Kiss Boston logo on ReelWorld ONE CHR’s April update for the Kiss 108 logo. The other April 08 and previous logo stingers from the core jingles, logo workparts, produced IDs, beatmixes folders bear the four note logo. Here’s my take on why the 6 note KISS 108 FM has been re-introduced.

1. Logo Variety. Who doesn’t love the old 6 note KISS 108 FM? This was a way to attract potential clients that have longer station logos.

2. Logo Update. This could also mean that ReelWorld will be including the 6 note logo in future updates much like what was done with the KISS Boston 2003 package.

I should say that the 6 note logo sounds really better than the four note. Whatever works, I think it’s a good thing for stations to have different options with the KISS 108 logo.

I think this logo variety should also be done with the KIIS FM logo. Incorporating the Kiss Cincinnati logo into KIIS LA’s future ReelWorld ONE updates would be great.

6-Note Kiss 108 Logo on ReelWorld ONE CHR (copyright

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