Bleeding Love Power Intro

Bleeding Love Power Intro - Leona Lewis

There are different approaches to producing a power intro, there are sung ones, voiced and hybrid. The secret though is to make it sound fresh, huge and fun. This week, we are putting another power intro sample featuring the Leona Lewis hit – Bleeding Love.

There are 4 elements to this power intro.

  1. Intro of the Power Intro – Yes, even power intros should have a decent intro. In this sample, we threw in a voice clip that goes “welcome now playing”.
  2. Artist Drop – Having the actual artist introduce herself makes the intro sound huge.
  3. Voice Drop – We also put Ryan Seacrest onto the intro with a clip introducing Bleeding Love hit.
  4. Station ID – Of course, what’s a power intro to do without your station calls. We left out a small space for the slogan leading out to the station name.

As you may notice, the intro itself has a different BPM as compared to the actual song. So in order for the intro to transition smoothly, we had it tailed with the a voice liner of the station logo. Listen to the cuts below and contact us to receive a copy of the Bleeding Love Power Intro. Stay tuned for the next power intro.

Bleeding Love Power Intro (sample)

Clean Version (w/o station name)


  • Ryan Seacrest voice from American Idol
  • Bleeding Love Remix by Jason Nevins
  • Bleeding Love – Leona Lewis (Sony BMG)


  • This power intro sample is for educational purpose only.

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