New England’s Best Country, JonesTM

New England’s Best Country is a brand new jingle package created for WOKQ and WPKQ from JonesTM. Fifteen cuts for this country powerhouse… with lots of material for morning shows and special features. JonesTM worked closely with Mark Ericson, who is absolutely delighted with the result! You can hear his comments on the demo reel at

What’s interesting about this package is that although it’s for a country station, you won’t hear any traditional country sounds in the package… in fact, it’s a Hot AC package! The reason is simple. As Mark puts it, “WOKQ is a full service radio station that happens to play country music, not the other way round”.

JonesTM is anticipating a big response from stations that don’t wish to be stereotyped. Check out New England’s Best Country now… even if you’re not a country PD!

New England’s Best Country 2008 | 7.09MB – 3:52

And remember we told you about Rock Radio 2008 the other day? It’s on the Jones TM site now too. Here’s more about it –

Rock Radio – The most fun we’ve had in JonesTM Studio A since… er… the previous custom package! GMG Radio in the UK wanted a package of themes, shotguns, stagers and utility cuts with a strong musical logo, for their new Classic Rock station. There’s no vocals, instead there’s solo logos, group logos, underscores, every version you could imagine. It’s a creative producer’s dream, and examples of all the themes are now online at

Classic Rock radio stations have never been able to run a strong jingle package that suited their music… until now. It’d also work really well for SportsTalk and FM Talk stations around the world.

As with all our packages, Rock Radio is market exclusive. Contact JonesTM for rates and availability.

Rock Radio 2008 | 7.09MB – 3:52

And, remember Kingdom FM 2008? There’s now a demo reel for Kingdom FM on the JonesTM site. The actual package has been there for a couple of months, but they’re only just added the demo reel.

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