WMGC 2008, ZONE Radio Imaging

The news has broken on JingleMad about a new custom project from ZONE Radio Imaging for WMGC ‘Magic 105.1’ Detroit.

Now, we break the news here. WMGC Detroit are now airing the new custom package, with a total of 16 cuts, according to Zone founder Bruce Upchurch.

The first batch went live the end of last summer, and they came back last month to finish the package (16 cuts total). We’ll have a demo up on the website in a couple of weeks.

Book your station in now for a resing before the other station across the street does!

While we wait for the cuts to go online, here’s a montage of the main cuts.

WMGC 2008 | 1:18 – 1.20MB

Zone’s jingle packages are now airing across the US and Canada on over 100 radio stations! Why aren’t you one of them?

(Source: Cody Merryman)

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  1. October 18, 2008

    […] posted a short montage of the cuts here at JingleNews.com back in May, but now all the cuts are available to audition at both ZONE Radio Imaging and TM […]

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