Magic in Detroit

ZONE Radio Imaging have released a demo for their WMGC Magic 105.1 Detroit package.

commissioned by and produced for Lori Bennett of WMGC-FM in Detroit, ‘Magic in Detroit’ is 15 cuts of perky AC imaging that Lori herself described as, ‘painless, sonically satisfying, and, well… damn good!’.

We posted a short montage of the cuts here at back in May, but now all the cuts are available to audition at both ZONE Radio Imaging and TM Studios.

Some of you may be confused that ZONE’s packages are available on the TM Studios website. Earlier this month it was announced that TM would be the official reps for ZONE Radio Imaging jingles.

TM Studios will be the exclusive sales representative of ZONE Radio Imaging effective today. All syndication sales of ZONE Radio Imaging products will be handled by the TM Studios sales staff in Los Angeles, Dallas, Nashville and Paris. And, for the first time, ZONE Radio Imaging products will be available for barter as well as cash. ZONE will continue to develop and produce its own custom work, and those high-priced ZONE customs will now be available for barter through TM Studios.

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