New KDWB Jingles

KDWB/Minneapolis St. Paul have begun to air a brand new jingle package from a brand new jingle company. We’re not going to say any more about this, but here – listen to the audio.

KDWB 2008

KDWB 2008 Solos

Feedback would be appreciated.

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  1. Brandon says:

    Sounds like N2Effect is back in the game!

  2. It certainly does sound like N2Effect, But it’s not. Paul said it was from a brand new jingle company. Remember?

    It’s the saim company who did the new Sonrise jingles I knew it!

  3. kcmike says:

    You’re BOTH right. It IS a new company AND it’s obviously got many of the N2 folk singing and producing.

    I definitely like the package. I wonder if we’ll see any ****** packages for Kiss Dallas, Mix 93.3 or WNCI.

  4. Jeremiah Kubiak says:

    This is a good package for KDWB. Its very sad that we have lost N2 Effect. Chris Klien had an endless list of contacts, while Tony Valdez was the creative force behind the company.

    The weather cut is a little slow for my like. The package itself sounds a tad bit recycled. For a reference, listen to the top hour cut from 01 and 03, as well as the 05 and 08. That will serve as proof.

    The top hour bed is freaking amazing. The bed sounds awesome on the air. The closer in the demo is a tad long. Any of us who have actually heard that cut air will know that KDWB shortened it from “101.3 KDWB Minneapolis/St. Paul to KDWB Minneapolis/St. Paul which turned it into what I would say is the perfect closer.

    The solo cuts are AMAZING. Michelle Priest really came througn on this.

    KDWB is airing the new “mystery company” package as well as the ReelWorld One cuts. This is mainly due to the fact that the groups sound entirely differently from each other. It kind of reminds me of a station that ran TM’s WDRQ package side by side with N2 Kiss Dallas ’04. It sounds a bit out of place.

    Hearing ReelWorld on that station after over 8 years of them not being on the air in this market.

    All around this package will sell very well. Anything jingle package with the names/logos Z100, Kiss-FM, KDWB, or Kiss 108 always tend to be great sellers.

    KDWB jingles have and will always be my favorite jingles mo matter who produces them. I wish this new company the best of luck, and I hope the suceed.

    Its a shame to see N2 Effect go, but welcome to the radio industry.

    Jeremiah Kubiak

    P.S.: Since the N2 Effect Packages are so popular, who is going to be in charge of selling those resings?

  5. I LOVE THESE! l33t! (As they say!).

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