2 New Studio Dragonfly Jingle Packages for Jones Radio Networks

Studio Dragonly Jingle Packages for Jones Radio Networks

The headline itself is already news, but there is more you need to know. First off, the packages were produced at Jones TM and secondly, these are only available for JRN affiliate stations, particularly for the Adult Standards and Smooth Jazz formats.

JRN Adult Standards – consists of 7 themes, six of which are generic station IDs, complete with slogan and ramp mixouts. The seventh theme is for the top of the hour. Proceed here to read

JRN Smooth Jazz – now on the air at Smooth Jazz 102.1, this package has 7 great cuts. 6 of which have a 10 second jingle ID and 40 second extended version. The seventh cut is weather ID.

Check out all the other exclusive JRN jingle packages at Studio Dragonfly, www.studiodragonfly.com

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