Brandy Presents ‘Close 2 You 2’ for Radio 2

Radio 2 Close 2 You 2 by Brandy JinglesRadio 2, a Belgian radio station of the Flemish public broadcaster Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroep (VRT), came to Brandy to create jingles for their extraordinary programming.

The task was to produce jingles that fit their unique playlist of classic and contemporary music — from the classics of the 60s, disco tracks of the 70s, electronic tunes of the 80s, the pop hits of the 90s, to the modern melodies of today like that from Michael Buble and Colbie Caillat.

The result is nothing short but extraordinary.

Close 2 You 2 is the new jingle package for Radio 2 in Belgium from Brandy. Five cuts that combine the class of tradition jingle with a contemporary feel. And seven specialty “tunes”, including two programming donuts, that were composed and tailored to the new afternoon programmes of Radio 2.

Close 2 You Volume 2 Demo (

Brandy used top notch musicians and created rich musical arrangements featuring  complete live string and brass sections to create the polished sound Radio 2 deserves. An extended vocal group, warm harmonies and sing-a-long melodies, this is what Close 2 You 2 is all about.

Log on now to now and listen to the individual cuts of the Close 2 You 2 package. Or contact the Brandy team at info [at]

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