TM Studios Perfect Music for WLYF

WLYF Perfect Music from TM StudiosWLYF Miami had just syndicated the Perfect Music, an AC jingle package from TM Studios. “When we heard the package, we knew we wanted it”, Rob Sidney, Lite FM, Miami.

Fresh from their latest jingle package — South Beach Deco, WLYF Lite FM Miami teamed up again with TM Studios, this time, to re-engineer the successful Perfect Music package for their station.

PD Rob Sidney says, “As well as buying custom packages from the team at TM Studios, I love ramaging through their shelves and picking other jingles that will sound great on our station. When we heard Perfect Music, we knew we wanted it. But could the TM Studios team make it work with our musical logo, and could they fit our trademark ‘ding’ into each jingle? Of course they could!”

WLYF Perfect Music Resing 2008 (

Chris Stevens, TM Studios Creative Director stated at that the task meant taking the original cuts, extend some jingles, re-plan the vocals to accomodate solo sings, and incorporate the signature “ding” sound on all the cuts.

“We were really pleased with the way the cuts came out.” Much of the credit goes to TM’s Director of Music, Greg Clancy. He was given the task of ensuring that the specific Lite FM melody (and ding!) could work.  Also, our chief engineer worked on the cuts to make sure that they would work with the new lyrics.

We really enjoy working on projects like this – our aim is to make sure that every client gets the best possible audio for their station, and we’re always thrilled when it works out as well as this!”, Chris Stevens adds.

Listen to the WLYF Perfect Music now. The WLYF resing of the Perfect Music will be added soon on the TM Studios website.

Thanks to Chris Stevens of TM, and

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