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The summer is over… And what a great summer it was! We have been working hard on creating some great new imaging for stations all around Europe. Please check out some of the material and be convinced that Music and Images is your perfect partner in creating the best imaging for your station.

RMF FM Poland – Custom
The European customs continue to fly off the shelves with this new bespoke effort for RMF FM in Krakow. Broadcasting nationally throughout Poland as the most popular station, the brief was to craft 20 custom cuts that are each “mini hit songs” in a mere 12 seconds in length or less…

» Listen to the RMF FM Poland package

NOVA FM Denmark – Syndicated
Never heard of it?! Could be because they are broadcasting for the first time on 8 september 2008. Nova was formerly known as TV2 Radio Denmark and will be playing todays hottest Music but also oldskool classics.

» Listen to the NOVA FM Denmark package

Fun Radio France 2008 – Custom
The package again is another collection of up-tempo and contemporary beds loaded to the gills with great vocals and production. The production wizards at Fun Radio use the tracks on-air, but really have their way with our vocal workparts as they cut them into sweepers, liners and every conceivable form of station sound.

» Listen to the Fun Radio France 2008 package

HEART FM 2008 – Custom
The new custom IQ Beats package for Global Radio’s Heart Network and the flagship Heart 106.2 in London. You will have to remain patient to hear all of the 22 different pieces of custom imaging crafted from the ground up throughout the duration of the weekend culminating with the debut of new themes for the Jamie and Harriet breakfast show.

» Listen to HEART FM 2008 package

KISS FM Dallas 2008 – Custom
Kiss FM Dallas 2008 is an Imaging Package that will create a seamless blend between the imaging and the music. Your CHR imaging is gonna be so bangin’ with Kiss FM Dallas ‘08 that the competition’s gonna hate you even more! Check it out, you’ll love it!

» Listen to the KISS FM Dallas 2008 package

KDWB ’08 – Custom
KDWB 2008 is the beginning of a Jingle Imaging Revolution. 16 themes, 38 main cuts, Solo Add-On versions, Cool versions, plus 3 extra mixouts of each bed version. This is not only a jingle package it’s an Imaging Dream come true.

» Listen to the KDWB ’08 package

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