The Tom Merriman Tribute Evening

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  1. Gabriella says:

    Hi there!
    One of the teachers at my school told me about Tom Merriman and he has my dream job. I was wondering if anybody had any advice on how to become more situated to get a job in this field!

    Thanks all!

  2. George Topping says:

    I knew Tom Merriman and Jackie through my partner Bill Zimmers for many years and it was an honour to know them both Tom was the kindest of people I could ever wish to know and Tom will be sadly missed.

  3. Walther Frey says:

    Reciban un atento saludo!
    Podrían colaborarme con un jingle que aparentemente es autoria de Tom Merriman, que se utilizo aquí en Colombia en la Radio Caracol por los años 80’s y 90’s.
    Es del “Extra” cuando daban una noticia de última hora.
    Les dejo este link para que sepan a cual me refiero:

    Muchas gracias.
    Walther Torres
    Garagoa, Boyacá, Colombia.

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