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On Monday September the 29th 2008, the UK’s only national commercial rock and pop station changed its name from ‘Virgin Radio’ to ‘Absolute Radio’.

The station is dedicated to ‘real music’ and the guys at Absolute were keen to ensure that this was reflected in the initial music imaging package from Music 4. To make this a reality, they happily headed down to Studio 2 at the world famous Abbey Road Studios with a fantastic set of musicians to record the initial set of themes and jingles in the same way you would record a rock band. All of the tracks were recorded as a ‘live’ performance and many feature the piano and Hammond organ used on many of the Beatles songs recorded at Abbey Road.

The package is instrumental and based around a strong three note sonic logo reflecting the stations new name (Ab-so-lute) although it’s worth mentioning, Music 4 didn’t actually know the station’s name when they were composed this logo or the tracks!

Absolute Radio are working hard to create a station you can listen to for a long period of time rather than programming for 20 minute listening sweeps, so in keeping with this aim, this package is not going to “blow the listeners socks off” but really fit the style of the station’s output (adult rock & pop) and grow on the listeners over a reasonable period of time.

Check out the music and some photos from the Abbey Road session and listen out for regular additions to this package over the coming months and years.

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  1. February 23, 2013

    […] Our original sonic logo was written & created by Sandy Beech at Music 4 and recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London when Absolute Radio was launched.” […]

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