Wave 105 2009 from Music 4

Wave 105 2009 from Music 4Just under 10 years ago, the team behind Music 4 created the launch package for Wave 105. We are delighted that our long standing relationship with Wave 105 continues into 2009.

Wave’s latest set of Music 4 imaging is made up of a number cuts from our back catalogue that have been adapted with new vocals to incorporate Wave 105’s original and well known logo plus updated remixes of their current news, travel and weather cuts originally created by us in back in 2004.

We think Tim and the team at Wave picked a fantastic selection of cuts from our extensive back catalogue and this project is a perfect example of how we can adapt cuts originally created for other stations to create a fresh sounding package for one of our longest standing clients. The decision to evolve rather than re-invent their news/travel and weather cuts is also a perfect choice for a station that is performing extremely well in it’s competitive market along the south coast.

Wave 105 Demo

Wave is one of the UK’s most consistent sounding stations and this has been reflected in their most recent RAJAR listening figures which were excellent.

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