The Jingle Revolution Begins

The Jingle Revolution BeginsOn February 2009, the Jingle World will be turned upside down as Ben Freedman Productions launches “The Jingle Revolution”.

Legendary jingle producer Ben Freedman is about to turn the Jingle Industry upside once again with all new Jingle Packages, Custom Resings, and his Trademark Jingle and ID production library’s “The Instant Radio Station”, and “Promo Bank”.

Maximum Power Demo (CHR/Hot Country) | Download

No longer, will radio stations worldwide have to wait weeks or even months for fresh new jingles… With Ben Freedman Productions, stations will be able to create jingles and ID’s in their own production rooms. Combining custom resigns and jingle packages from the Ben Freedman Productions jingle singers and producers, with Ben’s Promo Bank Library, stations around the world will be able creat litterally thousands of custom jingles in minutes… all in the comfort of their own production studios!

X106 – WMEX Boston Demo | Download

WSNE Hot AC Demo | Download

Don’t believe it? Find out for yourself! Call Ben Freedman today at 469-467-1275 and he’ll show you how you can not only become the Jingle Hero at your station, but do so at prices lower than the “other” guys on the block!

Powerful Dallas Jingles – at your fingertips! And it’s all from a legend in the Jingle and Singing ID business… Ben Freedman!

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