RIP Brian James


All Access broke the news this afternoon that voiceover legend Brian James has died of a heart attack. He was 48.

ALL ACCESS is saddened to report that voiceover legend BRIAN JAMES has suddenly passed away from a heart attack at 4a this morning (3/6), at his home in SCOTTSDALE, AZ. He was 48. 

BRIAN is survived by his wife KIMBERLY, his son MAX and a stepdaughter BROOKE. 

More details as soon as they are available.

Meanwhile, CLEAR CHANNEL/SOUTHERN COLORADO New Media Mgr. RICH STEVENS has created a discussion board on FACEBOOK. Please visit it to post your thoughts on BRIAN when you click here.

CLEAR CHANNEL Top 40 KZHT/SALT LAKE CITY PD JEFF McCARTNEY has added a BRIAN JAMES tribute page to his site.

And, KDWB/MINNEAPOLIS OM/PD ROB MORRIS has posted a BRIAN JAMES tribute page featuring some of BRIAN’s best work.

“Today, like many others in our industry, we pay tribute to the BEST DAMN VOICE GUY EVER,” says MAGIC BROADCASTING PANAMA CITY Director of Programming and Top 40 WILN (ISLAND 106) PD CHRIS ALAN, who adds, “I’m still in shock! Just 2 weeks ago Brian and I were talking and laughing as I shared with him the news of our GOLD ADDY AWARD that his voice won for us. I can’t believe it!”  Check out the ISLAND 106 tribute to BRIAN here. 

Brian James Tribute from WIXX 101 (Green Bay, Wisconsin)

Brian has voiced KIIS/LosAngeles, Z100/New York, The Power Pig-933 FLZ/TAMPA, CAPITAL RADIO/London, KFRC/SanFrancisco, WSIX/Nashville, WFLA/Tampa, WLW/Cincinnati and Jammin/Boston to name a few.

Chad Rufer, KKMG (Magic FM) Colorado Spings: “Brian was a part of the Magic FM team in Colorado Springs for many years; and was a big part of the success we enjoyed. Here is some fun stuff I dug up to say THANK YOU and You will be missed.

Brian at TopHour has picked out all of Brian James’ TOH ids that have been posted on his site. Check them out here.

Brian James on Key 103

Brian James voices North West Radio Night

Brian James on Power FM

Brian James on KDWB

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5 Responses

  1. Admin says:

    One thing I like about Brian James works is that sincerity of his delivery. He made it sure that when he delivers his line, he gets the message across without less effort.

  2. Ross says:

    stations that were using BJ as a voiceover; who are they using now

  3. Mike says:

    It has been a month now since Brian passed. Most of the world has moved on now. The fervor of loss has been washed away by the tide of everyday life for most people who knew Brian.

    Not for me. Brian is my brother. I had known him longer than anyone else except our mother. I had the privilege to know him for 45 of those 48 years. It was all too short.

    Thank you all for appreciating his talent and personality.


  1. March 25, 2009

    […] Apple Airchecks have posted a 79min audio tribute to the late Brian James. Brian passed away on Friday March 6th aged 48. Thanks to Rich Stevens for pulling together so many […]

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