No Cookie-Cutter Radio Imaging

Radio Imaging WorksRadio Imaging Works is proud to announce that Country QWIPS are now on the air on KYGO FM, WSOC, and FM 106.1 WMIL. QWIPS or Quick Written Imaging Positioners are not on your usual cookie-cutter sweeper service. They are customized for each station, works pretty much like how major ad agencies create big-budget commercials.

QWIPS allow you to connect with listeners with scripts written by top advertising writers. QWIPS do not take the place of your current on-air imaging. They work in rotation with your current imaging elements to enable your station’s message to connect with BOTH sides of the listener’s brains. They will not only know who you are, they will feel an emotional connection with your station.

Country QWIPS Montage

Together with TM Studios, Radio Imaging Works aims to bring major market ad agency capabilities to local radio station on-air imaging. With QWIPS, it is not just fresh sound, it’s fresh thinking.

Learn more about QWIPS and emotional radio on-air imaging at Or contact TM Studios in Dallas, 972-406-6800 or email Watch out the launch of 3 other QWIPS format – AC, CHR, and Classic Hits.

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