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The Real Jingle MagazineThis is what I call the real jingle magazine. I am proud to receive the pilot edition of Top Format’s publication – Top News. This first volume for February and March 2009 headlines the company’s recent studio revamp, new packages and projects for Radio Veronica, Radio 6, Paradise FM, and Radio Land Van Waas.

Each page is glossy, squeeky, and content-rich, you should see the photos taken at Studio 1, The Theatre, The Fish Bowl and The Lab. Check out the magazine, flip through and enjoy. The Top News is available through free subscription log on to, scroll down enter your email address under the Newsletter section.

Listen to their latest package for Radio Veronica and

Radio Veronica Montage Montage

Fingers on chin: What do you think about the new vocals for Top Format? I’m not sure but Top Format used to offer JAM Creative packages, do they still offer JAM resings?

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