Double Passion

There’s a double passion in the air. A new double incredible and fresh jingle package. All cuts sound positive, brilliant, up to date mixing perfectly with your stations playlist and todays hits. With a great variety of cuts from full and medium versions to alternative mixouts. With image ramps, shotguns, intros and logos, this is Double Passion 2009 from Jingles Factory in Milan.

Double Passion for Passion Hits UK | 10.5MB – 5:47

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3 Responses

  1. Rake says:

    One of the finest packets listened during this year!
    Accurate voice’s and mix’s!
    Compliments JinglesFactory. Well done!

  2. vanni biordi says:

    Si, decisamente favolosi. Grande Loris, avanti così…

  3. Paolo says:

    Amazing !!!!

    Bellissimo pacchetto, Bravo Loris & Co.

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