Jingles Behind Double Passion

Double Passion HitsWe recently took a time with the guys at Jingles Factory to talk about the Double Passion jingle package for Passion Hits in the UK. The best and strongest package ever from JF, Loris tells us how the package was conceived.

RJ: When Passion Hits came to Jingles Factory for a new custom package, what were they expecting? How is this project different from their previous jingles?

JF: Mr. Adrian Brookbank, station manager of Passion Hits, commissioned their  first package of jingles one year ago, he was definitely satisfied. He recalled us later asking for a different kind of package, more positive and in line with the actual playlist based on pop/house songs

RJ: In response to the Passion Hits’ requirements, what did the team at Jingles Factory do to meet the expectations of the station?

Double Passion Demo | Download

JF: We reviewed and listened to the playlist of Passion Hits in order to make the jingles sound as close as possible to the tracks. After they being approved by Adrian, we started the vocal session.

RJ: What happens when a station asks you to create jingles that sound the exactly like the songs they play on air? How does Jingles Factory make it sure that the jingles really mix perfectly with the station’s playlist without losing the brand?

JF: When a client asks us to create jingles, they explain to us what their radio is from A to Z. It’s our practice to listen from their streaming for a few days to their transmissions to capture the spirit and their tendencies. After, which, the info is given to our musicians and singers, to create the new product just for them, as would a tailor fits his client a new suit. Trials of different mixes between a song, a jingle and the eventual speaker’s voice.

RJ: Finally, why was this package named Double Passion?

JF: The new project was called Double Passion for two reasons. The first was that this was the second package ordered by the same client in such a short time. The second, is because in the way we handled the jingles i.e. 2 singers on each cut… and their two voices intermingle perfectly creating a double harmony, which the listener seems to love.

Double Passion is now availabel for syndication at Jingles Factory. Log on to www.jinglesfactory.com

6 Responses

  1. Dave Chambers says:

    What is the passion hits web address? i can’t find them on google?

  2. Paolo says:

    Very nice package. Good Passion Good Job.


  3. Dj POP says:

    very good package.
    By Dj POP Multiwave Thailand

  4. Dave Chambers says:

    I meant the radio station? I can’t find Passion Hits online anywhere? For that matter, who are Feel FM? Where can I find their website?

  5. Hi Dave, can’t find Passion Hits website either, Feel FM is a new station, no website found as well. But I’m glad you asked. I hope anyone here would know.

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