Same Real-Revolution Jingles: No Big Deal

Same Real Radio and The Revolution No Big DealFirst of all, my respect to both Music 4 and TM Studios, and to Steve and the rest of the Revolution staff.

Same jingle signature melody in one market is no a big deal for me, even if I was 96.2 The Revolution. I mean, if I am the first to use it on my market, my listeners would know that I first used that logo.

I tell you it’s a not strange thing in radio land that within a market, there are two stations that use the same 3 note KIIS FM logo, or Z100 logo. And it is no different in our market in the Philippines.

From a listeners’ perspective all jingles sound the same, whatever melody or logo. They’re jingles, that’s the bottom line. Yes, listeners may figure out but they don’t mind, as long as the jingles sing the right name.

One pretty example is in our market, there is a station that airs a Thompson Creative package using the KIIS logo. And another station with a similar format bought the DRQ package from TM, which also uses the 3 note KIIS logo.

Now, there was one time I surveyed random listeners on the phone and on the radio, played to them all the jingles of all our local radio stations (all formats). I asked them what they think of the jingles and surprisingly they said they all sound the same.

The REAL problem is when two stations air the same package from the same company, which would never really happen.

No seriously, here is the complexity. Jingles work like ring tones, you know it when a tone is a for a text message or for a call. But it takes time for the tone to register in your mind and get used to it. So every time your phones buzzes, you instantly know that it’s text or it’s a call.

Revolution and Real Radio, both now have the same tone. When a listener of Real Radio, who is familiar with the tone of Revolution, hears the jingles, he will immediately associate it with those airing on Revolution. Even though, logically, he is hearing the words “Real Radio”, what he will remember though is the tone or the jingle melody of Revolution. Isn’t that great?

That’s why it’s no big deal.

But everyone understands the gripes of Steve and The Revolution team. Guess, we need to leave this case to TM and the station.

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3 Responses

  1. Andy says:

    Music 4 have made a brilliant package here. People can only class them as rip-off if the TM Studio package was better which it isn’t.

    There are only 12 notes to choose from, so the notes are similer…and? There are hundreds of station packages that all sound the same.

    Get over it.

    Also, this package wasn’t even a customer package for Steve at the revolution….It was made for Kingdom Fm and has nothing to do with Steve as he got a re-sing!

  2. music 4’s package sounds superb – especially the rock version of the golden hour.

    Looks like jingles are popular again !

  3. Jingles says:

    The jingle has been an extremely effective tool in increasing advertising recall. It even works when the target is not actively listening. This is why you may often find yourself with a stupid song stuck in your head. Have you ever found yourself walking through the house singing “Happy Little Vegemites”? Music and lyrics are up to 90 times more memorable than the spoken word. Do you still remember “Mary had a little lamb” and “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”?

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