Dutch PAMS jingle CD Out Now

The Society of Radio jingles and themes presents – CD ‘PAMS in Holland’, the best Dutch resings and remakes from the famous PAMS jingles. Produced with the exclusive permission of PAMS jingles.

May 2009- Legendary were the jingles that PAMS (‘Production Advertising Merchandising Service’) produced in their modest building in Dallas, Texas. Everyone in radio knew that if you wanted to make your station a success, you should buy jingles from this famous company at 4141Office Parkway. Pop ship Radio London had set the example in Europe too. They arrived in 1964, were followed by Radio England and Britain Radio, and all had PAMS jingles aboard. Later, public broadcasters NCRV, TROS and Veronica followed.

It’s PAMS like you probably have never heard it before. If you want to hear PAMS as it should be done, just listen to the company that knows how to do it – www.pams.com. Happy jingling!

More information on www.jingleweb.com

Short tracklisting:

1. NCRV – PAMS series # 31 & KNBR-custom 14:05

2. TROS – PAMS cuts (Part 1) 19:11

3. TROS – PAMS cuts (Part 2) 2:18

4. Radio Paradijs – PAMS series # 49a (demo) 3:27

5. Radio Paradijs (resing) 4:54

6. Cable One – MFMC – PAMS Composite 1988 2:12

7. Radio Veronica – PAMS Composite 1994 (demo) 4:45

8. Radio Veronica – PAMS 1994 (session) 4:51

9. Radio 10 – Top Gold I 1995 2:32

10. Radio 10 – Top Gold II 1996 (a.k.a. More Gold) 1:45

11. Radio 10 – PAMS series # 29 1997 3:45

12. BONUS 1: Listen and compare 5:42

13. BONUS 2: Society jingle 0:17

The prices of this unique CD:
18 EURO (for all countries worldwide). Post & packaging is included also for all countries worldwide.
This unique CD is available in limited edition.

How to order?


2) Please tansfer your money to Stichting radiojingles, Maaslaan 72, 8033 DP Zwolle, The Netherlands. ING Bank 999736, IBAN: NL52 INGB 0000999736, BIC: INGBNL2A.
MAKE SURE you write down your full name, adress, zipcode, city, country and your complete order. Please allow us 14 working-days for guaranteed delivery.

More information on www.jingleweb.com

PAMS in Holland


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