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Newsbeds are please to announce a brand new service called Paid Access.

It’s a simple and efficient way to gain access to the complete collection of beds and themes at a very low cost.

Paid Access was developed to satisfy the massive interest from the internet and community stations as well the Hospital and educational sectors. Up until now, have been unable to supply themes and beds to these guys due to the unique way that operates. Now Paid Access gives these radio communities access to our beds and themes with unlimited usage and all at a low cost.

There is now also a free download section where beds will be periodically uploaded for completely free unlimited use. ”

“We had a massive response from the whole of the radio community since we re-launched in June. Paid Access is going to maximize the amount of broadcasters who can benefit from our unique service.

We’re very excited that we’re now able to offer our music to the whole radio community.”

Rich Evans, co-founder

Paid Access is live now. Check it out at

Skydd – Bespoke Music, Production, Sound Design & Post Production for the Media Industry

Skydd has over 10 years of outstanding experience providing expertise and advice, creating engaging audio for BBC, commercial and international broadcasters.

Our clients include ledaing programme makers utilizing our creative sound designs, post production work and sonically dynamic radio ID packages.

Skydd has worked with Radio KroneHit, 3FM, BBC Radio 5, Spin FM, Vibe FM, Dublin Radio 98, KISS London, and Radio Stajca. Skydd also prides itself on a relaxed, informal and creative environment in which to work. Visit now!

Vibe FM Montage

Krone Hit FM Montage

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