A New Theme And A New Composer on Newsbeds.com

Newsbeds.com is pleased to release a brand new suite of beds.

Theme 18 has strong classical foundations with an uber contemporary, upbeat feel. Glorious strings and orchestration are under-pinned with strong percussion and sweet melodic overtones.

This new theme introduces a new composer to the Newsbeds fold.

Hugo DeChaire is an established composer, producer and he brings an enormous amount of talent to the Newsbeds team.

He’s worked extensively in the TV and radio fields and has written numerous themes for a number of stations including Magic 105.4, NDR Hamburg, Oe3 Vienna and the current Classic FM package. He’s also written with Groove Addicts and Wise Buddah.

“I met Hugo whilst working at Wise Buddah and I was instantly taken with his creativity and professionalism. His natural talent and ability to create strong melodic themes, seemingly, out of nowhere has always impressed me. We’re very excited about working with Hugo. His talent and enthusiasm is a major plus for Newsbeds.com”

Richards Evans Co-Founder Newsbeds.com

Check out Theme 18 at Newsbeds.com and login to audition the tracks individually

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