Play Radio UK Launch with NEWSBEDS.COM has provided Play Radio UK, a new station covering Southampton and Winchester, with all their news elements and imaging. In just 4 days…..

David Harber, Managing Director came straight to as he knew there was a tight deadline …….

“I challenge any programmer to find excellent bespoke imaging for your station in four days. Play Radio in Southampton and Winchester had 96 hours to launch the station and turned around a package of beds and IDs with a strong, memorable logo within this timescale.

“And bloody hell, would you believe that they did it all for free.

“The result is a strong memorable logo for Play Radio, a series of thematic beds that work for all our on-air features and because of their professionalism it saved us having to stress about it”

Stevie Cripps, founder of, relished the opportunity to work closely with Play Radio on launching their brand new station.

“David came to us with an extraordinary request. We took on the challenge and had the new station sound of Play Radio ready with time to spare. Fortunately David had found some beds on the site that suited the sound he was looking for. So we set to work fine tuning the existing beds to his requirements creating a new logo at the top and adding extra elements to complete the Play package. With a bespoke logo, the end result was a strong theme, which backed up the branding of the station and also helped them go to air within such a short time period.

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