JAM at 35

Dallas – November 2009 marks the 35th anniversary of JAM Creative Productions, Inc. JAM has specialized in making ID jingles for radio stations and music for advertising since its inception, and has operated under its original name and ownership longer than any other company of its type in the history of broadcasting.

Jonathan Wolfert and his wife Mary Lyn founded the company in 1974 (the name JAM is an acronym for “Jon and Mary Lyn”). Although they started by working out their apartment, the business quickly grew into a suite of offices, then a studio, and ultimately a custom building with two spacious recording studios. During the past 35 years of JAM jingles have been used by legendary stations around the world.

Check out the full 35 Anniversary Feature on JAM’s website at www.jingles.com.

As well as providing jingles for a myriad of radio stations around the world, across all formats, JAM has also ventured into jingle producing for television. In November of 1990, JAM produced a set of customized jingles for the music video cable network VH1. The idea somehow sprung from integrating music videos and station ID. Performers on the video were made to lip-sync to the JAM jingles.

Watch VH1 Station IDs using their custom JAM Jingles below

Thanks to its global partners, JAM’s international presence is still on up until today. S2Blue is the representative for the jingle company as well as PAMS in the UK and Eire. In the last few months we have resung JAM packages for UK stations Fresh & Wayland Radio. We have also resung some classic PAMS cuts for Radio 2’s Johnnie Walker and even recorded some PAMS jingles at Abbey Road’s Studio 2 for Manx Radio’s ‘Carnaby Street’ Show (more information at: http://www.s2blue.com/Showcase-Imaging-PAMS.aspx)

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