JAM Jingles back on BBC Radio 2

BBC Radio 2 started 2013 off with a new collection of jingles for Tony Blackburn’s Pick Of The Pops programme from JAM.

The latest cuts, which were chosen by Tony and Radio 2 fit in beside the existing Pick Of The Pops PAMS resings which S2blue have produced over the last few years. Whereas the PAMS cuts reflect 60s and 70s the latest cuts were chosen to fit with the 80s and 90s tracks played in the show.

Sung in Dallas at JAM, the cuts were chosen from original packages from the time, giving them that famous JAM sound.

Jon Wolfert, president of JAM Creative Productions in Dallas, said: “JAM created the jingle imaging heard on Radio 2 for 21 years, spanning the 70s, 80s and 90s. An entire generation of UK radio listeners grew up hearing JAM jingles along with their favourite songs. Now, as that music is played again by the legendary Tony Blackburn on “Pick of the Pops”, I think it’s great that our jingles will once again be heard on Radio 2. We have
always been very proud of the quantity and quality of work JAM has done for the BBC through the years, and look forward to a new and continuing relationship.”

Simon Prentice, Managing Director, S2blue, commented: “JAM and PAMS relationship with the BBC goes back to the 60s and these authentic classic cuts will really resonate with the Pick Of The Pops audience as JAM jingles were heard across the nation on the BBC and many ILRs. I’m sure they will bring back as many happy memories and smiles as they do for us in the industry that love that famous JAM sound”.

JAM are represented by S2blue in the UK and Eire – all demos can be found at www.jingles.com.

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