Soft Gen – New Imaging FX Library for Wise Buddah

New from the team that brought you D, E and X Generation comes Soft Gen – a new one stop solution for the AC and Soft AC market, designed for radio stations that are looking for a cutting edge sound, without cutting their listener’s heads off.

Soft Gen was originally commissioned by The Heart Network in the UK and is a must-have imaging tool for stations erring on the softer side of things.

Soft Gen is a complete tone bank of production effects, comprising of over 220 bumpers, breaks, white noise hits, whooshes, swoops, reverses, drops, ‘softees’, bumps, outros and bed breakers.

Plus – beds, drones, musical stagers, Christmas Imaging and promo outros – all designed to take the strain out of your production studio.

So, if you’ve been crying out for production effects that don’t sound like C3PO beating up R2D2 in a fireworks factory then this is for you.

Soft Gen is available via ftp download or USB memory stick at the click of a mouse. For more information go to the Wise Buddah e-commerce imaging store at

Soft Gen Demo

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