Play Jingles 2009 A Look-Back

2009 saw the development of new and innovative ways to image radio stations. In a world where station playlists constantly change, the team at Top Format, alongside Chuck Brokes, created Play Jingles, the Now Package, a CHR imaging package that effectively prints station’s identity into its playlist.

Monthly-produced themes that are as big as the hits. Ground breaking tools that really hits the nail right on the head, Sweep Sings – a cross-breed between spoken liners and sung jingles. And introducing Power Out, super gluing two songs seamlessly while integrating the imaging in between effectively.

2009 was a blast for Play Jingles, so here’s a look-back to the newest and hottest imaging package in town. Listen to a rundown of monthly updates below. Or “Play Jingles” now at!

Play Jingles Demo

Play July

Play September

Play October

Play November

Play December

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2 Responses

  1. Prame says:

    what a cool jingle !

  2. Muito boa produção.

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