Microjams Imaging Aims to Reinvent Radio Jingles

Dial Global’s TM Studios announced today that it will immediately begin distributing Microjams, a revolutionary imaging service for Mainstream CHR & Rhythmic CHR stations. Microjams are masterfully produced mini-songs that slide in between songs, replacing traditional radio jingles. Microjams are woven into the fabric of radio stations, replicating the hottest songs on the station’s playlist. They are original music tracks, featuring artist sound-alike voices, singing the station’s call letters, frequency and slogan.

“PPM-friendly jingles create a non-stop music flow, so people listen longer”

As radio stations strive to minimize listener tune-out, Microjams is the first imaging package designed for the PPM world. Microjams brand a radio station with a continuous music flow. Listeners never want the music to stop, and with Microjams it never does.

Microjams 2010 Demo

Rick Vaughn, Program Director of WKSC, Chicago, was an early believer in Microjams. He commented:

“Interruptions are death in a PPM world. Thanks to Microjams, the music never has to stop. These hot, quick IDs flawlessly transition between songs and they protect the integrity of my station’s music sweeps. I couldn’t live without Microjams and I told Dial-Global that they will have to pry them away from me! “

Chris Corcoran, Executive Vice President of Dial Global Affiliate Sales adds, “The Microjams custom package is super rich with content. Each station gets 24 original jams and each jam breaks down to three full mixes, three instrumental mixes, and three a cappella mixes. Plus, we add ten monthly Nano groove work parts. So, stations are getting the best custom produced music imaging package available anywhere.”

Microjams is the brainchild of the legendary producer Dave Kampel who has voiced or imaged many influential contemporary stations including WHTZ, New York and KIIS, Los Angeles.

Stations interested in Microjams can email TM Studios at Microjams@tmstudios.co or call at 212-419.2926 to find more information and to hear fresh samples Because they are custom, it is advised that stations reserve their market immediately.

3 Responses

  1. Len Groat says:

    “PPM-friendly jingles create a non-stop music flow, so people listen longer”

    Yes… it FLOWS very well, SO well that with the almost inaudible vocals listeners will not even hear/notice them !

    These are probalby OK for an American station where the (young) listeners have an attention span of 30 seconds, and the station has a 3% reach.. but they are not MEMORABLE…

    Please do not try to ‘re-invent’ the jingle.

    It is material like this which means radio may as well close-down as a feasible medium.

    Len Groat

    • Novell says:

      the “PPM Friendly jingles” approach was actually already present since radio was invented. JAM, PAMS and TM have been producing jingles that blend or transition perfectly in between music, from the end of a song to another one’s beginning without the branding getting lost.

      The contemporary approach is making the jingles sound more like the songs. The purpose is not interrupt music listening, yet still does the purpose of reminding the listeners what they are tuning in.

      I am afraid this is not one of those materials that encourage “close-down” of radio as a medium. In fact, this is one of those manifestations that forward-thing radio people are respecting present radio technology including PPM and are respecting the habits of modern-day listeners.

      Thank you.

  2. thanks you so much for share this, so helpul

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