New in France: Metropolys

The positive experiences of ROC FM with Médiamétrie encouraged the station to think further ahead and to carry on with the planned rebranding to Metropolys.

This name may ring a bell, in the late 80s and early 90s, the station already was hugely popular under the same name.

Brandy was commissioned a custom sound design. A strong sonic logo, contemporary European musical arrangements and an American vocal sound are at the heart of MetroHits. It contains 12 powerful jingles that go perfectly with the contemporary hits, a top of hour and a suitable design for the news. The vocals for each jingle were recorded with different slogans, including for the weekend, the summer and the holiday season.

The individual components, both musical and vocal, make up a gigantic toolbox that producers can use to give free rein to their creativity. For more details log on to

MetroHits Demo

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