Brandy Makes Joe Smile

That’s how JOE sounds! The jingles, that is. After designing the graphical logo, Brandy now developed an sonic logo around the baseline “The smile, the music – JOE fm”.

JOE fm is the newest station on the Belgian dial. Brandy created the complete styling form A to Z. Following the graphical logo, Brandy designed the sonic logo, wich features prominently in the jingle package.

The result exudes a lively cheerfulness as well as energy and personality – qualities that Brandy has also brough to the styling of all the programmes. Brandy created two packages at the same time, including some jingles for the “Top 40 Hitarcheif”.

JOE fm

Create something that contains all the elements of good jingles, but that we’ve not yet heard. Jingles with an appreciative nod to the 80s and 90s, but with a contemporary sound. The result: JOE fm! Listen to the jingles on Belgium’s newest national radio station.

10 basic cuts, with striking brass accents, sung with 5 voices, each one giving you an energy boost. The jingles are supplemented by functional tunes for news, weather and traffic (among other items), all built around the sonic JOE logo. This AC package, by the way, is particularly easy to adapt for your station too.

JOE fm 2009 from Brandy | 2.15MB – 1:34

JOE fm the smile

‘JOE the smile’ is the second part of the styling that Brandy created for the newest radio station in Belgium. An AC package that radiates optimism and energy.

The daily hit list, drawn from the last 4 decades, has received a special styling.

Some cuts of the 10 extra JOE jingles are branded, fully in keeping with the style of the basic package, with its own “Top 40 Hit Parade” lyrics.

JOE fm the smile 2009 from Brandy | 1.79MB – 1:18

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  1. jonathan says:

    I LOVE IT!
    Great job!!!

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