Brandy’s Alternative Branding

Brandy are quite sure of this: you’ve never heard anything like this. The VIBE is an exclusive and alternative jingle package that works for urban, rock and CHR formats. Listening to The VIBE will do something to you. You’ve been warned!

If your radio station is out of the ordinary, then you should give The VIBE a try. An alternative concept that mixes sound and voices in a totally new way. It sounds weird and catchy at the same time. All of the rules of jingle logic have been turned upside down.

The VIBE is a concept that delivers 9 basic cuts and a newsbed that are then remixed into an incredible package of tools, with both and male and female feel. Our producders have gone wild. Now it’s your turn!

The VIBE | 2.17MB – 2:23

And here it is: the visual logo for JOE fm, the newest radio station you know. JOE fm will be a happy, energetic, character-rich, spontaneous broadcaster with a twist. Our graphic designers already gave the station a face. The birth is planned for April 1th.

Brandy developed the theme that will define the 5th anniversary of VivaCité for a whole year. The MOR radio station of the RTBF, VivaCité, has been on the air for half a decade. And, like in all good families, that’s a birthday that you celebrate with verve.

Two basic compositions were all that was needed to create the complete imaging package to celebrate VivaCité’s brithday. All of the trailers, special programmes and items were given a makeover that stands out and fits completely into the sound that VivaCité wanted.

The complete Anniversary package consists of more than 35 tracks. Feel the subtle birthday nod

VivaCité Anniversary Package | 1.5MB – 1:07

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  1. April 8, 2009

    […] the newest station on the Belgian dial. Brandy created the complete styling form A to Z. Following the graphical logo, Brandy designed the sonic logo, wich features prominently in the jingle […]

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