Wise Buddah’s A Big Hit in Spain!

Spring 2010 see’s the launch of Spain’s new national CHR station HIT FM and with a brand new jingle package from Wise Buddah.

The package is a hybrid of old and new; six re-sing cuts from our 96.3 Radio Aire package and six new custom cuts.

The package seems to have hit the spot with the Hit FM team:

“I’m not just happy with the result of Wise Buddah’s work, I’m really proud of how we sound with our brand new jingles! It was really fun working with Paul, Marc and their team. I have to say it: I’ve become Buddah’s biggest fan!”

Tommy Feraz – Hit FM Programming

“HIT FM is the new brand of GRUPO RADIO BLANCA, the company that launched KISS FM in 2002.

We are launching with the “Music Non-Stop” format, and our claim is “20,000 thousands songs in a row commercial free”. Our inspiration to this launch campaign is the huge success precedent of AMP RADIO in Los Angeles”.

In addition to the jingles, HIT FM has joined the growing number of stations to sign up to Buddah’s X-Gen FX package. To find out more about HIT FM go to www.hitfm.es

For more information about this or any other Wise Buddah jingle package visit www.wisebuddah.com.

Listen to Hit FM Spain Demo

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  1. Novell says:

    It’s another feather in the cap for Wise Buddah! It combines the best of both worlds, resings and custom ones.

    I think I heard a Taio Cruz theme on one of the custom cuts. Again, awesome job!

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