Wise Buddah’s BFBS Re-Brand

The audio boffins at Wise Buddah have just put the finishing touches on a brand new custom package for BFBS.

The package, the third Buddah have made for the forces station is, according to its creator, Jem Godfrey, “a bold experiment”.

Godfrey continues, “when a client says ‘be experimental, go play!’ it presents a refreshing opportunity to throw all my audio toys out of the pram, put them back in the pram and then grenade the pram. In a good way…

So, after sampling the sound of empty paint tins rolling across the patio, a cement mixer beaten to a pulp with a hammer and a shortwave radio thrown into a bucket of water whilst it played French opera amongst other things, the package started to take shape.

It takes the stuff I enjoyed most about my Virgin work from the 90’s and puts it into a 21st Century context using all the latest audio sorcery gadgets ProTools has to offer. And I got to destroy inanimate objects with hammers. Heaven!”

BFBS 2010 from Wise Buddah

Speaking for BFBS, Andrew Wright added…

“The unique brand of radio delivered by BFBS needed an equally unique and innovative new sung image, and Wise Buddah delivered. I can’t overstate how rewarding it is to work with Wise Buddah on projects like this, and the final result always makes the station sound come alive”.

For more information about this or any other Wise Buddah jingle package, call 0044 (0) 207 307 1610 or e-mail paul@wisebuddah.com

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